BTS – Cox Architecture – Capital Square

BTS – Cox Architecture – Capital Square

Above: Behind The Scenes video of the Capital Square Shoot

Case Study – Capital Square/Mia Yellagonga

Our Brief  Shoot and edit a “glorious” 1 minute video using aerial and ground footage of the building showings it’s context at the top of the city also highlighting the organic shape of the tower.

Drone – Inspire II 4K, lenses 35mm, 50mm, 90 mm.

Ground  – Tero Camera Buggy, MōVI gimbal with RED Scarlet W Dragon using Leica-R Prime 19mm lens.

Client: Cox Architecture
Production Company: Sky Pixels
Directors: Colin Bartley/Stefan Kraus
DOP: Stefan Kraus

Behind the Scenes – Cox Architecture Capital Square Shoot

Let’s take off.

Cox Architecture engaged us help them showcase the design of the Capital Square building. They wanted a way to highlighting its unique organic shape, construction and its location in context at the top or western end of the Perth CBD.

After a recce of the building and site we decided the best way to shoot the project that would meet the narrative would be to shoot it from above and below. The drone obviously from above and our Tero camera buggy from a unique below perspective. We pitched the idea to the client who agreed with it and loved the concept.

The Tero camera buggy is the perfect tool for architecture, especially for shooting the upward tilting shots that capture the unique shape and height of the building. Combining this footage with our drone footage met the client’s brief and the expressed the buildings narrative.

You can see the finished edited video below.

Final Approach

This was a very enjoyable and creative project, our client was very trusting in our vision and very happy with the final product, it was a great productive collaboration.

If you’re interested in learning more about what we can do for you drop us a line, we’re always open to discussing innovative ways in which to help you achieve spectacular images.

You can see more examples of our work on our portfolio page here.

Thanks for flying with us.