“’Cause we all have wings
But some of us don’t know why”

Michael Hutchence

Stefan Kraus

Cinematographer / Pilot

Stefan started many years ago strapping cameras on things that fly. He has built all Sky Pixels UAV’s and flies them from boats, jetties, roofs and trucks. Many hours behind the sticks ensures we don’t need many takes to get the shot.

Colin Bartley

Camera Operator/Pilot

Colin doesn’t mind the early magic hours and red eye flights as long as there is coffee. With 25 years of graphic design experience he has a critical eye. He’s a keen photographer and video editor always looking for new angles and the next cup of coffee.

You get what you see, we are a dedicated, passionate and experienced two man team and

have worked in pretty much any part of our beautiful country.

We understand the difference between aerial video and aerial cinematography

and we work closely together to frame the shot and make the magic happen.

Some Facts

    • 4
    • Number of UAV aircraft
    • 5
    • Number of cameras
    • 527
    • Hours of flight time
    • 127
    • Happy Clients
    • 20,349
    • Cups of Coffee

” We create aerial cinematography and photography“