Working in the Pilbara and aerial inspections.

Working in the Pilbara and aerial inspections.

We love filming and photographing in the Pilbara, it’s almost become a 2nd home for us and there are a few things that make it a bit different from working down south.

Of course the greatest difference is the heat, wow it gets hot up there, especially January to March and having a giant 8 bladed ceiling fan buzzing around overhead doesn’t cool things down. In fact we’re very impressed with how our heavy lifter drone “The Beast” handles the heat, we thought it’s motors may overheat but no, The Beast likes it hot, we even had The Beast flying with a RED camera at Marble Bar in 46°C heat without a problem. Then there is also the wet, we were sent home from one job early due to a cyclone, so the best time to work up north is in the winter months.

Batteries are the other factor working up north, because we aren’t allowed to take our batteries on planes we sometimes have to road freight them up north along with our chargers and other gear. So it’s good to get a few weeks notice to get our batteries up there before we arrive to film especially if we are using The Beast.

One of the most noticeable difference is how friendly everyone is, almost everyone up north are so laid back and friendly towards seeing our drone and what we are doing, it’s a great place to work.

The best thing about working up north is the colour and the light, it’s a whole different world.

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